Poeta de Susaeta ranks among the most popular stallions of the Pura Raza Español (ANCCE-Studbook). The Poeta offspring born so far are generally 100% PRE. He has however, also serviced a few non-PRE mares.

And now available for breeders for non-PRE mares!

Procedures for obtaining a passport and registration certificate/Studbook paper

Type, size and character
It is safe to say that Poeta leaves a strong mark on his offspring, the oldest turning three this year. Not just regarding type, but also in terms of size and character his foals resemble their sire, even though the mares he was paired to vary enormously. Poeta measures 1.70m; that size at withers is strongly embedded; only in the fourth generation of the maternal line we see a ‘smaller’ stallion (1.68m, which is still tall for a PRE).

Dressage qualities
Poeta passes his excellent paces on to his offspring. His breeding background shows out-and-out emphasis on dressage qualities. This is fairly exceptional in Spanish breeding;

usually breeders operate without focusing on a particular breeding goal.
Marïa Ruiz, owner of Stud Susaeta and Poeta’s breeder, has quite a different approach. ‘Since the 90s – so for generations already – we have been breeding with the aim to improve dressage aptitude and to embed those qualities. Our bloodline is becoming ever more established.’

Sport and breeding
Poeta already has over eighty offspring. This is quite a lot for Spanish standards, especially when considering that he is trained for the sport and takes part in competitions. Again, this is not very common in Spain, where distances are large and the number of events small.  

Approved son

Poeta’s first year collection promptly yielded a PRE-approved son, the now 3-year-old Uno de Susaeta. He too appears to combine all the characteristics of an excellent dressage horse: power, size and presence.