To register your foal(s) by Poeta de Susaeta for sport or breeding you as breeder have to get in touch with your ‘own’ Studbook or the AES.

On the website of the Anglo European Studbook ( you can print a stud certificate and an outline diagram form. These have to be handed in to your veterinarian when he visits to microchip the foal, so that he can complete and sign both forms.

The ‘stud certificate’ and ‘outline diagram’ plus a photocopy of the registration certificate/Studbook paper of your mare must be sent to:

Anglo European Studbook Benelux Office
De Heikampen 9
5482 ZR Schijndel (Nl)

And for just under €50.- you will receive all the AES documents that allow you to take part in competitions all over the world, as the AES is a WBFSH-recognised Studbook and a member of the Federation for Studbooks.

There are no annual membership fees payable to the AES.

If you wish to register your horse with another studbook then you are advised to follow the instructions and registration rules of the studbook of your choice.

If you are keen to breed with a purebred PRE foal and wish to obtain original papers from the Spanish Mother Studbook, then follow the route described below.

First thing to do is write to the owners of the PRE stallion and include the photocopy of invoices for all straws you ordered in 2020. Please write in French, German or English and state your full address.

Please send this letter to:
Attn. Mrs Maria Ruiz
Paseo del Rádar, 88

They will subsequently send you an invoice for the difference between the stud service of €1500.- and the straws you have already paid for.

After payment thereof they will send you the ‘certificado de salto’. This document gives you the right to register your foal, just like every foal born in Spain, in the PRE Mother Studbook.

In most European countries, the Mother Studbook has a contract with the national daughter associations for PRE horses, who will assist you with the formalities (e.g. taking blood samples and a few more documents for DNA, etc.). Every foal born in a certain country and registered with the Mother Studbook via her representative association in your country, must also be registered in the data base of your country, if it exists. This is conform EU Regulations.

So please get in touch with the PRE association in your country and with your ‘certificado de salto’ and the other documents required by your association your foal can now be registered, like any foal born in Spain. That paper fully complies with the requirements of legal regulations and those of the Spanish Mother Studbook.

We wish you success and much enjoyment in sport or breeding with this valuable foal.